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LOGLINE: A people-pleasing New York City mom struggles to maintain her dignity as a video of her unleashing her anger becomes a viral sensation.​


(6:07 a.m.) - Marie’s toilet time is interrupted by her family’s needs, as she tries to solve the mystery of her missing bathroom door.

Ep 1:  Once You're a Mother...

(7:29 a.m.)Marie calls on Goddess to help her transform into the kind of woman who can get what she wants, while her phone blows up with mysterious robo-spam-sext-messages.

Ep 2:  O Goddess, Where Art Thou?

Spank me.png

(8:42 a.m.) - Marie risks her career to be there for her son, but it goes off the rails when she decides to teach an important lesson.

Ep 3:  Dom Mom

Dom Mom.jpg

(9:12 a.m.) - Despite feelings of imposter syndrome, Marie commits to being a powerful boss bitch.

Ep 4:  Badass Boss Bitch


(9:36 a.m.) - When a parking space stealer offends Marie, she unleashes her rage in a very public meltdown.

Ep 5:  Road Rage

Road Rage.jpg

(10:22 a.m.)Marie’s attempt to step into the role of a sexy powerful goddess is undercut by a shocking event.

Ep 6:  Hail, Aphrodite!


(10:45 a.m.) - Despite everything going wrong, Marie gets news that could turn her world around.

Ep 7:  Rage Factor

Girl Dreams.jpg

(11:34 a.m.) Marie finally pieces together the mystery behind her unbelievable day, as she faces her rage.

Ep 8:  Viral

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